Uncle Roon puts the scissors in his paper!

You have to deal with these days and that's why last week we paid another visit to an old acquaintance. A loud barking of Droedel made it clear that we had been noticed and a little later Uncle Roon himself appeared at the door. Of course he also received an Inktoberboekje and he was visibly struck by the fact that he had turned from an unknown comic book collector himself into a cartoon character.
While Dinie was already making busy sketches of him again, OomRoon showed me his latest hobby. Or rather, he'd picked up an old one. He's screwing up his newspaper every day. And why? Well recently, uncle's favorite comic book is back in the paper. A brand-new story from Captain Rob. Uncle already bought a new scrapbook and glue. His cousin Soofje keeps thinking it's a strange hobby, but I totally get him, even though I'm not into making scrapbooks. I'll wait for the album to come out.