Understanding Energy Healing

Energy healing can be defined as a holistic practice which can help the body activate the body’s subtle energy system and, in the process, consequentially remove the blocks. Out body has an inherent ability to heal itself. but these blockades prevent the body from doing so. Since energy healing is focused on removing those blockades and consequentially it stimulates and nudges the body’s ability to naturally heal itself. It is important for one to understand that the human body is basically an energy system which is holistic in nature. The discourse of remote healing believes that the body is in tune with the universe. Hence, an imbalance in the body will naturally create a barrier to the flow of energy. This will result in illness. This is because the body’s natural and inherent ability to heal the body itself is diminished. The energy therapy sessions ensure that the energy in the body flows unobstructed.

Energy healing is backed by science and is based on the principles of science. Energy healing is not based on theology or religion. It takes into account the fact that everything is made up of molecules. And since all the matter and material on earth is made from molecules, even the most robust looking thing on the planet (such as a table) is constantly vibrating and it is almost all the time. As we are matter too, we are also vibrating. Vibe is basically a vibrating energy. When we say that our vibes are matching it means that the vibrating energies are actually matching. That means they are on the same frequencies. This naturally would mean that even places would have vibe (vibration with certain frequencies of energy). It can be understood with this simple example. Imagine yourself entering a place where something negative had happened, say a fight had taken place at the spot only a few minutes back. You feel something off about the place. Even though you are not able to explain it you are of course able to feel it. If you go to a beach, you feel light because the vibe is light and smooth because of the salt and the moving air and the air vibrating at a higher frequency. It is this natural vibration that natural healing use in order to help human body heal.

Natural healing can be applied to anyone. You do not have to be spiritual to be able to achieve the benefits of natural healing. It is however important that you go in for the therapy with an open mind to reap the most health benefits. Also, anytime is a good time to visit a natural healer. That is, if you are feeling stressed, anxious and physically drained, a good energy healing session can help you alleviate these feelings and help you relax. If you are looking for excellent Remote Energy Healing Sessions consider Gaia Sophia Healing.