There is simply no denying the fact that your car is a very important and precious investment. And the paint cover of the car is one of the most significant aspects of your new car. It is not just for show and aesthetics but also for the protection of the body of the car, which particularly includes the vulnerable areas. These areas are most prone to scratches from blunt protruding objects which can cause the paint to come off. Fixing paint, or paint jobs can be an expensive affair. Hence, as a car owner it is important that you take pro-active steps to ensure that the paint is protected via some coating. Your car’s paint job is always susceptible to hail storms. If a hail storm does not leave a dent, a golf ball-sized hailstone or rock chip can most certainly chip away a small but noticeable portion of your paint, leaving a scar on your beloved car. Then there are other possibilities as well- for instance, the door edges, bumper edges, head and tail lamps are always susceptible to scratches from being nicked and brushed against some sharp blunt objects, while parking. This is where the concept and notion of paint protection comes into the picture. It is in this context that we are going to talk about Teflon coating. But before we get to that, it is important that we know what Teflon coating is.  

Teflon is basically a fluorocarbon solid- with high molecular weight. It is carbon and fluorine. This combination makes it water resistant. It also gives it a low friction co-efficient. Apart from being a permanent shield spread across the body of the car, it also adds gloss and shine to the paint- which is a pretty handy benefit. This article is dedicated to help you understand some of the important benefits of Teflon coating.

The coating enables low friction. And low friction means lesser degree or chances of damage being caused to the body of the car. This means that the parts which have the coating will slide easily, which will cause less heating, or heat generation, less wear and tear. The coating will make car maintenance and cleaning a whole lot easier than it was before the application of the coating. This is because Teflon is basically a non-stick material and dirt is not going to stick to it. This makes cleaning a whole lot smoother and easier. Teflon can also handle very high temperatures. What does it mean for the car? It means that even if your car is exposed to the harsh sun rays of the summer, the paint is not going to get damaged owing to the extreme heat of the season. If you are looking for a Car Detailing Shop in Greater Victoria, or for Car Paint Correction in Victoria BC, consider Coastal Detailing.

Understanding Teflon and paint-protection of you car