United States of America Friend or Enemy

The United States also shows its true face in times of crisis. Philips has factories in the US where medical respirators are manufactured. Trump has adopted a law to force (foreign) companies to manufacture their products exclusively for the US market (thus preventing exports to other countries). Earlier, Trump tried to buy a German company for exclusivity coronavaccin in US.

I wonder when the EU will finally see that the US does not #bondgenoot and not a good friend, but a bedily and selfish enemy with a lot of troops in Europe. American atomic bombs are still stored in the Netherlands.

NATO reveals the Netherlands's worst kept secret: nuclear bombs in Volkel Naomi Klein's book shows American neo-capitalism in optima forma.
The Shockdoctrine.
Based on groundbreaking historical research and four years of reporting, she blows up the myth that the free market provides for free people. It reveals the workings of the “shock doctrine” developed by economist Milton Friedman, which uses massive disorientation by industry and government following major events such as war (Iraq), terrorist attacks (Twin Towers) or disasters (tsunami, New Orleans after Katrina) to rigorously push through unpopular economic measures (privatisation, deregulation, cuts in social spending). Klein's analysis of this 'disaster capitalism' is detailed and well substantiated, her message is powerful, an eye-opener.

Also a book to gain insight into American politics. Patterns of deception by Willem Middelkoop.
Patterns of deception in the exciting world of conspiracy, false-flag operations and The Deep State. In this remarkable book, together with independent researcher Tim Dollee, he shows that the truth behind many news stories is often hidden. The theatrical lecture of the same name has been viewed almost 100,000 times on Youtube.From the early 1940s, a small group of insiders worked on a plan for American world domination. Because of the victory in World War II, the plan was successful, and since then the US has been doing everything it can to keep its power as great as possible. Almost everything is permissible: from regime changes and financial support to coup attempts and assassinations of apostate politicians and presidents. This has ensured that countries in the American pass continued.

But there is also a continuous power struggle going on within the US. The elite, coming from the political-military-industrial complex, has the actual power. This state within the state, The Deep State, sees politicians as pawns in geopolitical chess. Effective and age-old strategies are used to maintain power. The elite manage to play the media in a sophisticated way, because they are in the hands of only six major companies. Because fear is the best way to control the people, the US needs a permanent enemy. After the War on Communism, the War on Drugs, terrorism is now the ideal enemy.

It's clear to me who the enemy is.