Hi everyone. I would like to share with you some interesting facts about the universe <3

1.Human beings are formed by chemical elements that belonged once to stars that died billions of years ago
2.When stars run out of hydrogen, they explode into supernovas (that are very bright), which is the end of their life
3.There is a hypernova (even more potent than supernovas) thousands of light-years away from us, the star Eta Carinae. But when its glow reaches us, it will shine as bright as the moon
4.The Earth´s rotation is slowing down, meaning that in more than a hundred million years from now, the days will have 25 hours instead of 24
5.Mars is uninhabitable. Its soil is infertile and the planet has salt minerals that kill a bacteria that is basic for life. So yeah, no martians
6.The rings of Saturn are formed by dust, ice and rocks. They are believed to have been made out of remains of a moon
7.Uranus is said to smell like farts and pee
8.Uranus and Neptune also have rings like Saturn
9.There is a possibility that in Neptune and Uranus (they have a lot in common) there are icebergs of diamonds
10.A year in Pluto lasts 248 Earth years

I hope you liked it #universe

Facts about the universe