I have no idea who you are, what you have been through, or where you are in this year. You have probably set a bucket list of goals, resolutions, dreams, targets etc. for 2020 and you are working tirelessly to see yourself accomplish all and that is a beautiful idea. In a world of hopelessness, it’s good to have someone who wakes up daily to chase their dreams. But are you setting those goals for yourself to be happy or to fit into the society’s status quo of what you should have achieved at your age? Are you trying so hard to fit in? Are you giving yourself unnecessary deadlines that will literally suffocate you?Oh, so you are in your 20’s or 30’s and you have not attained the height people or the society feel you should have attained, or you feel you are falling short in life just because you don’t have your life figured out yet?Sweetheart please wait, and breathe, give yourself time, nobody has their life all figured out yet. Take each day at a time.It is not a new thing under the sun for people to pressurize themselves when they are single at a certain age, and yet to find love.Please breathe, maybe this period is for you to learn to love yourself more, or the patience to have the best love ever, greater than your imagination, or for you to learn to live without constant validation or dependence on another human for happiness. You need to learn self exploration and improvement, maybe you need to wait for the love you deserve till it comes.Breathe, this period might be for you to learn how to love others truly, your lesson hours, master the art of forgiveness, how to survive disappointments and trials.You need to learn how to enjoy life and take it slowly. Live fully in every moment of your life and stop ruining it with deadlines, timelines etc.Breathe! God is teaching you how to let go of all of your fears of the future and place them in his hands.Are you going to live your life in the illusion of what should have been, instead of living your reality?Breathe! Learn gratitude, love, happiness, goodness etc. will find you soon.Breathe, God knows the one you will be spending the rest of your life with, and how perfectly he has crafted the moments of your life for you.Timelines and deadlines are manmade factors that will only put you into unnecessary stress and fuss and deny you of true happiness and peace.Stop living your life to fit in to the standards, or someone else's life or heart. Live for you.Breathe. Learn to wait patiently . Life is worth living for. Regardless of how old you are, There is still time to achieve greater things and be much more better than you are now.Breathe, there are the best days ahead of you.
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Breathe and breathe again, no one has it all figured out yet