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Unusual Things People Eat Around The World (Get Ready To Be Shocked!)

Does your mom ever make a dish, and you think, “Eww, I hate this item!” Well, you’re going to love your mom’s cooking once you get to know about the various unusual items people consume with great joy.

The world is full of different cultures, and it wouldn’t be fair to call other people’s food “disgusting” or “weird.” Just because the food isn’t popular in your region doesn’t mean it is bad. These foods may not be your favorites, but they are eaten as a delicacy in their own cultures and countries.

I have gathered up a list of 10 items of food that I found the most unusual and different from what we usually eat in my country. When I say unusual, I actually mean I was shocked to my core to learn that these items are consumed by humans. As the title says, get ready to be shocked!

#1 : Fried Tarantulas


If you know what Tarantulas are, I’m sure you have your mouth open with disbelief right now. For those of you who don’t, Tarantulas are large and hairy spiders that are found in many parts of the world. They do not pose toxicity to humans, which is maybe why people in Cambodia fry and eat them as a delicacy.
Fried tarantulas can be easily found being sold by street vendors in Cambodia. They are often rolled in sugar or garlic and fried as a whole- legs, fangs, and everything. This delicacy was discovered by hungry Cambodians who were starving during the days of a brutal regime.

#2 : White Ant Eggs Soup 


Did you know you could eat the eggs of the white ant? And they even taste like shrimp! The people of Laos create a delicious soup by combining ant eggs and partial embryos and just a pinch of baby ants to add a bit of sourness. I know what you might be thinking, but this dish is supposed to be quite tasty.

If you are bored of having your regular chicken or tomato soup, this white ant eggs soup is certain to give you a whole new experience.

#3 : Hákarl

Hakarl is actually the rotting carcass of a shark that is found in Greenland and is famous among the people of Iceland mainly. Talking about Hakarl is never easy because, firstly, the idea of eating shark meat isn’t for everyone, and secondly, the level of appeal falls drastically when the meat stinks of urine. But, if you can stop your breathing while eating it, you may find a taste that many people find enticing.


If you are thinking of trying the dish, you may want to go over the reviews first. Anthony Bourdain, an American chef, used these very words to describe the fermented shark dish:

“the single worst, most disgusting, and terrible tasting thing.”

#4 : Live Octopus


Locally known as Sannakji, live octopus is a favorite of many in the country of South Korea. The sea animal is cut into pieces while they are still alive, lightly seasoned with sesame oil, and served immediately. You can even find the tentacles squirming around on the plate.

Not only is the idea of eating live animals challenging to wrap around your head, but it is also dangerous because the tentacles stick to any surface they touch. Although some locals describe it as a “party in the mouth,” special care should be taken. If the suction cups stick to your throat, the consumer might even choke and die.

#5 : Century Egg 


The century egg is also known as a 100-year-old or 1000-year-old egg. But, no, these eggs are not literally this old. However, the egg is pretty rotten. The egg is prepared by preserving it in a mixture of clay, ash, and quicklime for a few months. When it is taken out of the shell, it is said to have a strong sulfur smell due to the presence of lactic acid bacteria in the shells.

Century eggs have a taste similar to a normal hard-boiled egg. Some even say they resemble mushrooms. They are often served as an appetizer with soy sauce and with rice porridge.

Did any of the listed dishes make you salivate? It’s okay if they didn’t! People who aren’t accustomed to these foods won’t find them appealing, at least at first. Maybe you will change your mind when you try them out. However, try them at your own risk as some of these can even be dangerous to your health!

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