Update Monos from Prince Fluffy Kareem Z

Update Monos from Prince Fluffy Kareem

In our latest introduction we posted a picture of Monos. She was in a really bad condition when she arrived at june 10th 2020. She was emaciated and diagnosed with babesia and tetanus.

In horses this thin, we often see pressure sores forming where their bones rub through the skin. Usually these look more like grazes, but sometimes they develop into deep abscesses, which bizarrely can cushion the skin from further damage.
In Monos case she had many of these abscesses and we have needed to open them up for cleaning and drainage, and in some places our vet had to cut away diseased and necrotic tissue.
We’ve seen this before so we know it will look worse before it looks better, and she’s getting all the right treatment, thanks to Dr Sameh & the boys

Eating when she has just arrived.
I'll not show the pictures with details of
her horrible wounds

Second picture is picture from september 2020 shows she is already doing so much better.
She's a permanent foster now and stays in Fluffyland.
A team of 10 people from over the world is taking care of her monthly costs.

This is how she looks now in 2021!
Happily galopping around and giving us a sneek preview of a pyramid