Use autumn to talk to children about loss and grief

#herfst   #autumn

The season has started again, the season when the leaves on the trees change color and eventually come off. A great season to talk to children about loss and grief, because that is also part of life. In fact, we don't talk about it enough with children, but rather the seasons #summer , #lens , #winter and #herfst are ideally suited to talk to them in an accessible way.

I'll give you a few tips on how to use a number of attached photos.

Tip 1:
In these photos, you can see various starting points for talking to children about loss and grief. If you see something in nature like these pictures, don't hesitate to ask the child: “What do you think happened to this tree/mushroom/etc? The child often knows how to name more of what you think.

Tip 2:
If the child finds it difficult to give a clear answer, say what you know in words that are understandable to the child. Then dare to ask the child the question: “What do you think about that?“You will find out that children will think and eventually tell you what they already know deep down.

Do you have any additional tips? Then let me know in a comment, I wonder how you use autumn to talk to children about loss and grieving.

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