The United States is a first world country, which declared its independence on 4th July, 1776. To answer how many states in USA, there are total 50 states in the US. The latest additions of states to the US were Alaska and Hawaii, which are considered respectively as the 49th and 50th state of the nation. These two countries joined with the country on 1959.  Washington D.C. is the capital of the US which is a federal district. The Congress authority declared Washington D.C as a federal district. Talking about the 50 states, except Alaska and Hawaii, rest 48 states are under the part of ‘contiguous US’.  

States in terms of Area

In this article, you will be able to know about the states based on their demographic area in descending order. You can get the answer of how many states in USA as well as their area in square km.


Alaska is demographically the largest state in the United States. The area of the state is 1723336 square kilometer. The state of Alaska is as big as France in terms of area. Alaska does not share any mainland border with the country.


Being the largest state in the mainland United States, Texas has an area of  695660 square kilometer. This is the second largest state of the whole nation after Alaska. The state is even bigger than Germany as a country. Area wise Texas is thrice of the United Kingdom.


California is spread in an area of 423968 square kilometer. This is one of the largest state in the pacific region and the third largest one of the country. The size of the state is almost 5 times larger than Austria.


Montana is the fourth highest state in the US and the largest among the mountain regions. The size of the state is 380832 square kilometer. Fun fact is, this state is larger than Asian country named Japan.  

New Mexico

The geographical area of New Mexico is 314917 square kilometer and this is the fifth largest state of the United States. The state is the second largest one from the mountain region after Montana. For your information, the size of the state is almost as large as Poland.


Arizona is one of the largest state of the mountain region. The Grand Canyon is in Arizona which is the 6th largest state of the United States. The size of the state is 295233 square kilometer. The state is thrice of the country South Korea in terms of size.


Nevada is the seventh largest state of the US and one of the largest of the mountain region of the United States. The area of the state is 286380 square kilometer. The size of the state is thrice of the country Portugal.


The size of Colorado is 269602 square kilometer and this state comes under the mountain region. Colorado is almost equal in size as New Zealand.


This is one of those three states of the US which is sharing the coastline with the Pacific Ocean. The size of this state is 254800 square kilometer.


This is the tenth largest state of the US in terms of its area. The size of Wyoming is 253334 square kilometer. The population of this state is extremely low (second least populated state of the United States).

Apart from the above discussed ten states of USA, here are the details of the rest of the other 40 states and their areas include, Michigan    (250485 Sq Km), Minnesota (225163 Sq Km), Utah (219882 Sq Km), Idaho (216443 Sq Km), Kansas (213099 Sq Km), Nebraska (200330 Sq Km), South Dakota (199730 Sq Km), Washington (184661 Sq Km), North Dakota (183107 Sq Km), Oklahoma (181038 Sq Km), Missouri (180540 Sq Km), Florida (170312 Sq Km), Wisconsin (169634 Sq Km), Georgia (153910 Sq Km), Illinois (149994 Sq Km), Iowa (145744 Sq Km), New York (141297 Sq Km), North Carolina    (139390 Sq Km), Arkansas (137730 Sq Km), Alabama (135767 Sq Km), Louisiana (135658 Sq Km), Mississippi (125438 Sq Km), Pennsylvania (119279 Sq Km), Ohio (116096 Sq Km), Virginia (110787 Sq Km), Tennessee (109152 Sq Km), Kentucky (104656 Sq Km), Indiana (94327 Sq Km), Maine    (91634 Sq Km), South Carolina (82931 Sq Km), West Virginia (62755 Sq Km), Maryland (32131 Sq Km), Hawaii (28313 Sq Km), Massachusetts (27335 Sq Km), Vermont (24905 Sq Km), New Hampshire (24214 Sq Km), New Jersey (22590 Sq Km), Connecticut (14356 Sq Km), Delaware (6446 Sq Km), and Rhode Island (3999 Sq Km).
From the above, you have got an idea about the geographical areas of each of the states. New York is the biggest state in terms of area in the Middle Atlantic Census Region. Florida has the largest area of the South Atlantic region. Delaware is the second tiniest state of the country. Fact is that, Delaware is one of the former 13 states of the United States. Among all, Rhode Island is considered as the smallest state of the USA. The size of England is 40 times larger than that of Rhode Island. Apart from these, a couple of questions arise regarding the number of states nowadays in the United States. These are –
1.    How many states are there in USA 50 or 52
2.    How many states in USA 2022

So if you are still not sure how many states in USA 50 or 52, let’s make it clear. You have already gone through the name and the areas of the 50 states. The misconception of having 52 states arises for the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. People often add these 2 areas as two distinct states. But as discussed, The Washington D.C or the District of Columbia is not a state but the federal district. To discuss about Puerto Rico, this is stated as an ‘unincorporated territory’ of the country. So, these two areas are not considered as separate states of the United States which clearly defines that there are 50 states in this country.
To answer the question how many states in USA 2022, the answer will be 50 states along with 5 territories. You have already known that there was 48 before 1959 instead of 50. But Alaska and Hawaii was added as the 49th and the 50th one.

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