Vaccination and global madness.

#vaccination Sunday I posted a message on Twitter. The Supreme Court in Israel banned a vaccination passport as access to stores. It went viral, as it was called. More than 100,000 views. Many justified questions, what is the source. That was my friend. In Israel. A colleague in Acco. I had asked him. truly. And he had said it, really. And you can trust your friends, of course, but yourself, you have to doubt that. Did I ask the right question. Does he know my situation?. Do I know the situation in Israel. It all turned out to be a little different. In 2013, the Supreme Court had generally banned such a thing. And my friend thought that's what I was referring to. But this was about Corona vaccinations. And then the sensitivities are big, very big. I've corrected my tweet. Deleted later. Apology offered. Did that happen just now but more. There's so much flying back and forth over Social Media, and so much that comes out of the sky. Old messages become new. Photos become movies. And show what the sender wants to show. At My Heritage I could bring my old grandmother back to life. Photo gets a tan and she moves and her eyes beckon. Creepy real. A snake can be recognized immediately, but not if it is as distorted as above. A graph tells exactly that story you want to communicate. And every other story. Vaccination helps in 94% of cases, in 33% and almost no case, you die from it, you continue to live through it. A rattling sound in my head tells me there's danger. But my 21st century senses are incapable of recognizing the danger. A snake? Death? A virus, a vaccine, a solution, a medicine, a reliable government, a fallen minister, an independent RIVM, we think otherwise, doctors collective, weltschmerz.... I don't really know. When in doubt do not do? I doubt. still. I hope it becomes clear. I also know that it becomes clear. The truth. Ever.