Valentine' Day Challenge

Valentine' Day Challenge


valentine's day challenge.

#valentinesday  #yoorschallenges  #yoorschallengelove

hello dear friends i propose you a valentine's day challenge.

I want you to publish a personal blog, a video, a song or a romantic story that you have lived and you will receive a special reinforcement on valentine's day.
challenge rules:

- No images or photos from the internet are allowed. The images must be 100 percent original from the author.

-No text copied from google is allowed.

-Blogs or stories must be original
The original post that gets the most likes and comments by February 14 will be the winner of the booster.

- You must copy the Hashtag #valentinesday #yoorschallenges #yoorschallengelove

@Henkjan de Krijger 

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