Valentine's Day 2021

“Happy Valentinesday”

Evert is sitting on the couch. Pill in his hand, what staring out. . .

With old & new he was already thinking about Valentine's Day. Not because he has so much desire to do it, on the contrary. Volatile, he casts a look to the right, where Drieka sits. Subconsciously, he picks up his nose. It doesn't want to hit the storm yet, Evert thinks to himself.

As if Drieka can read minds, she suddenly starts: “What are we going to do about Valentine's Day, darling? Remember last year we had so nice dinner with the Greek? ” Drieka sniffles, smiles very exaggerated with her eyes squeezed and her shoulders pulled up. “Jesus, now it's all a monster”, murmurs Evert. “What do you say, honey? That it didn't cost anything? Well, I don't agree with you! But it's nice that you paid back then!” “Unfortunately, this is not possible now, of course!” , Evert notes relieved. He'll be spared from dinner this year. Drieka does not just give up of course: “But we can also make it cozy at home,. In the evening a candle and chocolate fondue with strawberries! Then together in the bath and then. . . Hihi”. Her husband begins to gag half. “It's not that joke.” “I really feel like it,” says his wife, while the third attempt manages to get up from her armchair.

On her crocks she slides to the kitchen. Evert watches her walk out of the room in her pink, fleece house suit.

“Happy Valentine”, murmurs Evert, “What did I deserve? . . .”

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