#venezuelan Venezuela my beautiful country, is in agony, I could say many things about this beautiful land; but around here in Yoors, my Venezuelan companions have written a lot about my country.
Venezuelans are happy, kind, supportive people who love the Venezuela that saw us born, but unfortunately they have her kidnapped.
Whole families have separated, looking for a better future for their children, parents, relatives and giving them a better quality of life.
The emigration of Venezuelans is increasing, some friendly countries have received us very well, but others not so much.

It is terrible to leave Venezuela for legal documentation (passport) because that institution is incompetent, like the majority of other institutions.

Venezuela could be one of the best countries in South America, has all the resources to be, the country with the largest reserve of oil, minerals such as gold, diamonds, iron etc.. fertile lands, fresh water, has absolutely everything, so that Venezuelans are not in the misery in which they are today., services do not work, education, hospitals, schools, universities, pesima communication (internet), there is no gasoline, water shortages, serious problems with electricity, buying food is from luxuries, because the country is dollarized, the currency of Venezuela is not the dollar, it is the bolivar that is devalued.

Families can stay in the country, they are surviving by remittances of money sent to them by their children or relatives who emigrated
The Venezuela we want to rescue, is that of beautiful beaches, great mountains, beautiful landscapes, rivers, lakes, sheets, medanos, plains and especially the human resource that emigrated.
I just want to tell you friends of Yoors, Venezuela will come out of this crisis and those who emigrate will return to build a better country.