Venezuelan Christmas Plate

#venezuela Only less than three months before Christmas, for Venezuelans it is a very special time, when the birth of the baby Jesus is celebrated.

It is a time of family union and it is the time of family and friends gatherings, a time of reunions, exchanges of gifts and of course to enjoy the exquisite Venezuelan Christmas flavors.

In Venezuela our Christmas meals are full of flavor, with delicious ingredients and textures.

A Venezuelan Christmas plate carries:
*Found as one of the main dishes typical of Venezuelan Christmas.
* Chicken salad preferably or chicken salad, is part of the Christmas dish, serves as a complement to accompany the hallacas.
*Bread de jamón is an exquisite venezuelan christmas is part of the Christmas dish, it is a delight.
* The baked pork leg, is the central dish of the noche buena.

This Christmas dish is accompanied by desserts such as dulce de lechoza and torta negra, are traditional sweets that accompany our Christmas dish