Venezuelan Square Mural


This Mural has the exclamation made by the liberator of nations Simon Bolivar in the Caracas earthquake. (1812).

This mural is 47 meters high and has a base of 2.40 meters wide, it was placed in the square on the occasion of the celebrations for the bicentennial of the Venezuelan Declaration of Independence.

This process began on April 19, 1810.
Above it are the shields of Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Panama, and below, the famous phrase of the Liberator in the face of the devastating effects of the earthquake.

It is located in Plaza Venezuela, Caracas Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. In the Los Caobos Urbanization east of the Capital District, Venezuela and in the geographical center of the Greater Caracas metropolitan district.

This mural represents an important part of Simon Bolivar's liberating story. With Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Panama.

And when visiting the historic part of the city i could stop taking a picture in this emblematic place.