No one knew the real Jade West. Everyone who saw her was either intimidated by her presence and her brutality or secretly admired her bravery and honesty. If they knew what she had been through, some of her peers would be able to sympathise with her. Alas, that was not what she wanted. She refused to be treated as if she was a charity case.

Jade came from a dysfunctional family. Her parents hadn't been ready to have a child and with her birth had come even more problems than the ones they had already had from the very beginning of their marriage. Poor Jade had never seen true love. Her early life had lacked the attention little girls received from their fathers, hers always busy with work. Whenever she told her parents about her dreams, she would be met with disinterest and later on disapproval from both of them. The only person who had believed in her back in the day had been her Elementary School teacher who had nurtured her love for Music and Acting.

When Jade began school, she was never included in the games her classmates played and she couldn't understand why. She believed she was a good child - making sure her assignments were done and that her toys had been put away properly. Back in the day, she wouldn't dare to disrespect a grown-up. Of course, her behaviour had changed with puberty.

When Jade was still in Elementary School, her parents, who were about to get divorced, suddenly had to face another obstacle that was going to keep them together for longer - Ellen West had gotten pregnant for the second time. With that came even more arguments that Jade refused to acknowledge. She only fretted about the fact that she was going to be a big sister. And how could she not? In such a family like hers, she now had to grow up quickly and take care of her future sibling, to provide a better life for both of them. For the rest of her mother's pregnancy, Jade would practice holding her toys as if they were real babies and singing nursery rhymes.

Very few people had seen her cry. And even less knew how many tears she had shed on the birth of her brother. She had wailed in the hallway, hoping for a miracle to happen due to the complications her mother had faced during the childbirth. Despite that, both the baby and his mother had survived. That day, Jade had vowed to be the best sister she could be. And to this day, she was still keeping her promise. Sure, from time to time there were the typical fights between siblings, but whenever Jack needed her, she would always be there. It was another reason why she couldn't live with Beck. Who was going to take care of her brother? Their mother had gone back to the bachelorette lifestyle as if she was childless. What a shameless behaviour!

After the birth of Jack, Clifford and Ellen had gotten divorced quickly, barely waiting, and had been given the option to share custody. Jade and Jack hated having two of everything - including Christmas. There was nothing they could do about it, except to hope to have better families than theirs when they grew up.

In Elementary School, Jade loved picking at the keys of the piano that was in the classroom. She was lucky that her teacher could play it and could teach her. And when Jade sang one day in Music Class, her teacher had told her something she still remembered to this day:

"Jade, you sing very correctly!"

For the first time, Jade had felt proud of herself. That had been the moment she had begun to dare to dream to become something despite the disapproval of her family.

"My daughter will never become an entertainer!", Clifford West had declared when Jade's teacher had informed him of his daughter's talent. Clifford himself despised the Entertainment industry - his child to dream of being part of it was simply unacceptable. Jade would never forget the screaming that had occurred in the living room that day.

Before graduating from Elementary School, Jade could already play her favourite song on the piano. No one knew how much "Okay" by Backhouse Mike meant for her. She would sing it to her brother whenever he would cry. Indeed that had been the song she had auditioned with on the entrance exam of Hollywood Arts High School years later. It still disturbed her that Tori had chosen that exact song for an audition.

Middle School had been pretty much the same for the young girl - again she was in the backseat of the classroom, writing her notes neatly and getting straight A's while taking care of her brother and secretly practising the piano in the music room of her school. But that was also when her interest for dark clothing, makeup and horror movies had come. Suddenly, she would carry a pair of scissors whenever she went - not only because she had a fascination with them. Nobody knew that she not only enjoyed shredding random things to pieces. At one point, she would harm her body, but that had stopped when she had been accepted in Hollywood Arts.

Eighth grade had been a changing point for Jade not only because of the rapid changes in her body. That had been the year she had met Beck, Andre, Robbie and Cat. During the second semester of the school year, students from all schools in Los Angeles and around had been gathered in a special afterschool course to prepare for the entrance exam of Hollywood Arts High School. She didn't know it yet but Beck had fallen head over heels with her the moment he had heard her sing. Her voice won the hearts of many, including Andre Harris, but his feelings were one-sided. Still, Jade respected Andre.

She had bonded with Cat on the hot summer day Cat had asked Jade to dye her hair and then they had hung out with the boys. To this day, Jade would never forget how loudly they had laughed on the way to meet up with the boys. It had made her feel like every other young girl her age.

The reason why Jade would always be distressed whenever Beck would allow random girls to flirt with him was because of what she had seen in her family. She was scared to death that Beck would one day leave her. And besides Cat and Jack, he was the most important person in her life. She couldn't bear to lose him.

And when Tori Vega had come to the school, things had gotten progressively worse. Jade, who up until this point, had been almost unbeatable in everything, now had to fight with teeth and nails to keep her reputation and her life the way it was. She loathed with burning passion how Tori was unfairly given opportunity after opportunity while everybody else worked hard and got barely anything. Of course, Jade didn't know that Tori had her own problems, just like everybody else. She only saw one side of the things, alongside everybody.

All of this was in Jade's script under other names. She knew if it ended up in the wrong hands, she would be exposed - her past, her secrets, the feeling she harboured in her heart. And what was she going to do then? What if everyone got upset or angry with her for not sharing with them? And what about Beck? At the end of the day, it was her business what to tell to the ones who were the closest in her circle and what to keep behind closed doors.

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THE SCRIPT [4] - a Victorious Fan Fiction

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