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How to: Harry Potter shoes!

How to: Harry Potter shoes!

Dit is een Engelse tutorial, als je de Nederlandse tutorial wilt lezen, klik dan hier.

Disclaimer: My English is not so well, even though I have to do a Cambridge Exam in December. I am trying my best to be as clear as possible in this written tutorial.

Lately I was talking with my friend Jolijn about selfmade shoes. Jolijn is one of the biggest Harry Potter fans I have ever known, and she had - of course - sent me a picture of a pair of Harry Potter themed shoes. I did not get why they were so awesome, because I had not read the Harry Potter books or seen the films yet (I have started with the books and films two weeks ago). Summer holiday had arrived and I solemny swear that I started painting the shoes! I was finished with them a couple of days ago and now I wanted to show  you how to make them yourself, because I do believe there are many Potterheads out there who want to know how they are made.

What you need:

There are a few things you surely need when you are willing to make these shoes! 

  • Canvas shoes. The brand does not matter. The best colour for them to be is white, but any light type of fabric (grey, blue, yellow, pink) is possible. The result will become the best with white canvas shoes.
  • Fabric paint. I guess I do not have to say why? The result will be the best and last the longest when you use fabric paint instead of acrylic paint. I used fabric paint from the brand Palett in the colours blue, yellow, white and black.

  • Brushes. The brand doesn't matter, as long as you have a thick one for the big surfaces and a small one for the details.
  • Shoe spray. This to protect your shoes against mud and rain! Available in probably most of the shoe stores.
  • Optional: Silver paint. I have used silver paint to paint the lacing rings, but it is up to you to decide if you want to do that or not.
  • Optional: Shoe laces in a fancy colour. I bought grey laces because I thought they fitted better than the white ones.
  • Optional: Fabric marker. I have used one for some details, because I was not so handy with a small brush...
  • Optional: Tape. To protect the shoesoles from being painted. You can also not use tape, but that means you eventually have to scrub the paint of the soles.

How to

1. Take the shoes out of the box and remove all stickers, paper, cards and whatever you might find on your shoes. Get the laces out of the lacing rings.
2. Paint the shoes blue. When they are all over painted, let the paint dry. This is very important for the quality of the painting on your shoes!

3. Start with the details. I started with the shoe with the Golden Snitch, because I thought that that would be the hardest part to paint. 
Starting with the snitch: Start painting a big, yellow circle, centered in the width of the front of the shoe and a little bit lower in the height of the front of the shoe. This will be the main part of the snitch. On top of the snitch and at the left side of the snitch, you will need to paint two white wings. Let it dry. Then start with the details of the snitch and the wings. For the details on the snitch I have used a fabric marker. For the details on the wings I used a small brush, dipped in blue and black and a little bit of white paint. At the end I have put a thin layer of white around the wings of the snitch to create an effect.

For the Patronus: Start with a triangle at almost the same position of the snitch, but a little lower. Place a circle inside the triangle and then paint a vertical line from the upper corner of the triangle down. Place one dot on the line in the part of the triangle above the big circle and place three dots on the line inside of the circle in the triangle. When you are finished with the triangle thingy (sorry, I don't know what it is yet. Jolijn told me I would find out in part 7... I am busy with part 4.), you can paint the sort of waves above the triangle. They are curly, as you can see. And then you can start with Prongs, the Patronus. I started with a sort of umbrella handle and then made a horizontal line with at the left side a vertical line, I guess that is the easiest way to paint Prongs. Then I painted his antlers and connected them with eachother and the snout. Underneath the right antler I put another vertical line. Inside the Patronus and around his antlers you can put a thin layer of white paint, to make a sort of shade. Then, all you need to do is to write expecto patronum on the shoes! After that: let it dry!

Haal deze tekst weg en vul hier je tekst in.

4. Optional: add the Harry Potter logo on the heel. I did this with a fabric marker, because I thought it was pretty easy to do with that. You can also paint the lacing rings if you want, I have painted them silver.
5.  If you have used tape: pull of the tape of the shoesoles. If you have not used tape, make sure to clean the shoesoles so there is no paint left on the soles.

6. Take the protecting shoe spray and spray it on your shoes. Let it dry.
7. When everything has dried, you can put the laces back inside the shoes. Mischief managed! Your shoes are done!

Do you have any questions or suggestions about this tutorial ? Feel free to ask! I will (try to) answer it (in my best English).

Toffe schoenen, super origineel!
07-09-2017 22:28
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10-09-2017 20:51
10-09-2017 20:51 • Reageer
Ze zijn super gaaf geworden, leuke blogs post je ook! Ik ga je zeker volgen
02-09-2017 20:40
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02-09-2017 22:19
02-09-2017 22:19 • Reageer
wat origineel leuk
29-08-2017 17:01
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Dankje :)
29-08-2017 19:24
29-08-2017 19:24 • Reageer
Het resultaat ziet er leuk uit
28-08-2017 21:20
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Yes, thanks :)
28-08-2017 21:29
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Simple YulEnTintje OYV
Het resultaat is leuk!
27-07-2017 16:47
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28-07-2017 22:04
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Mayke Muller
Erg leuk en creatief zeg.
27-07-2017 10:56
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28-07-2017 22:04
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Rudi Arends
Sorry mooi gedaan ,ik ben alleen helemaal geen fan van Harry Potter . Doet me trouwens ook aan Balkenende denken. En die zorgde ervoor dat ik op de VVD stemde , notabene Rutten wat eigenlijk ook weer `n grote fout was.
27-07-2017 09:13
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Ach, ieder zo z'n eigen mening...
28-07-2017 22:03
28-07-2017 22:03 • Reageer
Lekker relevant....stopt iemand super veel werk in de schoenen en in deze blog en dan krijg je zo'n reactie.
27-07-2017 19:24
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Thanks for making this beauties for me Vincie, I really love them so badly!
25-07-2017 23:39
25-07-2017 23:39 • 1 reactie • Reageer
You are welcome Jolijn :)
25-07-2017 23:41
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