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PSR Automation Inc. manufactures high-quality, specifically crafted machinery for the manufacturing sector. We provide high-quality solutions that are simple to use. We are experts in a variety of equipment, including fillers (liquid, gel, inline), torquers, cappers, bottle cleaners, coder transfers, conveyors, packoff stations, case packers, box erectors, turn tables, turn discs, elevators, tooling, change parts, and custom designed Cap Tightening Machine . At up to 80 CPM, the PSR Automation Inc. Rotary Over Capper applies overcaps to containers. One bottle and cap star wheel serves as the only changeable component in the straightforward design. The four-finger pneumatic chuck selects and attaches overcaps to the bottles without any difficulty. Wide variety of caps are handled by the patented high speed sorter.

The S3F Servo Filler is a device intended for new businesses or people who want to finish short batches quickly. High Capacity Servo Filler, 30GPM. In approximately 15 seconds, fill a pail. Complete automation is possible. For the optimum fill, Servo Filler softly moves product. ideal for frothy items like soaps. The Dual Lane Continuous Motion Filler, a brand-new machine design, is on exhibit by PSR Automation Inc. at PackExpo. Simple controls, 15 minute changeover, and up to 160 BPM. A unique lighting technique was used to create the illusion of water filling up. Use a Bottle Hopper to make manually loading Bottle Case Packer Machine. Operator fatigue may be reduced by adjusting the unit to conveyor height.

Case for Top Load Packing materials are often utilised on goods or boxes that are challenging to side load. Shampoo bottles are a good example of a product that is top loaded with bottle case packers and often simpler to handle than side loading. A gantry or cartesian robot will pick up the carton or goods and deposit it in the top end of the case in a top load case packer. Bottles, jars, canisters, and vials for shampoo are examples of typical product uses. Endeavor Case Typically, a gantry robot or a reciprocating feeder will be used by packers to construct a case. The right pack pattern will be collated using the product or cartons, and they will then be side loaded into the case. A robotic pusher is often used to side load the goods or cartons.