Vloggers earn easily on Yoors with Pay Per Post.

#Vloggers may no longer offer products unnamed in exchange for money
This, of course, is a logical consequence of the proliferation of all kinds #influencers of which you really don't remember whether they're going to have an advertisement video
to be the making or not: https://www.nu.nl/media/6089646/vloggers-mogen-producten-niet-meer-onbenoemd-aanprijzen-in-ruil-voor-geld.html

How do you earn on Yoors as a vlogger?

  • As a vlogger, you can easily earn by simply placing the link of your Youtube video in a Yoors Pay Per Post.
    Every passerby who finds your content interesting pays a small amount that you set yourself.
  • So you don't need thousands of followers or anything like that. You make a living just by posting on Yoors.
  • Anyone can then give you a heart, pay for the payment wall you set. Or both.
  • You can come up with an amount for each post and write an advertising text.
  • After that, everyone can reward you with a heart and twice a heart is bigger.
    This can also be done without using a Pay Per Post.
  • Soon Native video on Yoors. Direct upload and video will remain YOUR (YOORS) property.