#history It was originally called “mintonette” but, during a demonstration, they noticed that the volley of the ball over the net described the essence of the game and that's why they started calling it “volleyball ball”. In 1952, the North American Volleyball Association unified the words to officially name it By that time, Morgan served as a sports instructor at the YMCA (Christian Youth Association) of Holyoke in Massachusetts, of which he would later be Director of Physical Education.

Then, in early 1896, a series of sports conferences were held at the Springfield YMCA with the attendance of Physical Education teachers from the other venues of the institution, and Morgan introduced the new game,
To this end, he demonstrated, with the help of two five-man teams with whom he had already tested in Holyoke, and obtained great receptivity from his colleagues, including Professor Alfred T. Halstead proposed to Morgan to change the name of Mintonette to volleyball given the striking way of playing ball in the air