#gaming a game that we can play in many places and has no age limits.
Volleyball, volleyball, volleyball, volleyball, volleyball or simply volleyball (from English volleyball) [1] is a sport played with a ball and in which two teams, composed of six players each, face each other on a playing area separated by a central net. The objective of the game is to pass the ball over the net, making it reach the ground of the opposing field while the opposing team simultaneously tries to prevent it from succeeding, forcing it to err in its attempt. An attack phase arises in one team when it tries to get the ball to touch the ground of the opposing field, while in the other team there is a phase of defense trying to prevent it.

There are several forms of this sport. Although the name “volleyball” identifies the modality played on the indoor court, beach volleyball played on sand is also very popular (and with the rank of Olympic sport). Sitting volleyball is a variant with increasing popularity among sports for the disabled and the practice of cachiball is widespread in older communities.
As you can see, it's a lot of fun, you can play it by following the rules or you just grab a ball and have fun.
Ideal for doing on the beach and in the company of friends. #volleyball