Friends of Creaci: penguin

New! Creaci's boyfriends: The next boyfriend is Elephant Omar. Keep an eye on our yoors page for more friends. Would you like to crochet an Omar yourself? Read further below. The intention is that all friends can be dressed and get nice accessories. Want to know how to crochet the clothes and accessories? Keep an eye on our page! #haken #haakpatroon #vriendjes #vriendjesvancreaci #olifant
Ml= Magic Loop
V= fixed
Hv= half solid
2in1v= 2 fixed in 1 fixed
2sam= 2 fasts crochet together.
V al= fixed by rear loop. Elephant Omar is crocheted with 1 color Royal with crochet hook 3.5.

Two new boyfriends again!

#vriendjesvancreaci #haken #haakpatroon #pinguin



1. 6v ml

2. 2in1v 6x= 12v

3. 3v 2in1v 3x= 15v

4. 15v al

5-14. 15v



Place the 2 legs next to each other and hook them together with 1 fixed.

1. 14v along leg 1, 15v along leg 2 = 30v

2. 2in1v, 13v, 2x 2in1v, 13v, 2in1v = 34v

3. 2x 2in1v, 6v, 2in1v, 16v, 2in1v, 7v =38v

4. 2v, 2in1v, 34v, 2in1v = 40v

5-9. 40v

10. 8v 2sam 4x = 36v

11-13. 36v

14. 4v 2sam 6x= 30v

15- 18. 30v

19. 3v 2sam 6x= 24v

20-21. 24v

22. 2v 2sam 6x= 18v

23-24. 18v

1. 6v ml

2. 2in1v 5v =7v

3. 7v

4. 2vin1 6v =8v

5. 2vin1 7v =9v

Color change

6. 2in1v 9x =18v

7. 2v 2in1v 6x= 24v

8. 3v 2in1v 6x =30v

9. 4v 2in1v 6x =36v

10. 5v 2in1v 6x = 42v

11-17. 42v

18. 5v 2sam 6x= 36v

19. 4v 2sam 6x= 30v

20. 3v 2 sam 6x= 24v

21. 2v 2sam 6x= 18v

22. 1v 2sam 6x= 12v

23. 2sam 6x = 6v


1. 6v ml

2. 2in1v 6x =12v

3. 1v 2in1v 6x =18v

4. 18v

5. 2sam 16v =17v

6. 2sam 15v =16v

7. 2sam 14v = 15v

8. 2sam 13v = 14v

9. 2sam 12v = 13v

10. 2sam 11v= 12v

11-15. 12v

16. 2sam 10v = 11v

17. 2sam 9v = 10v

18. 10v