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Waitomo Magic Caves

Wonderful places.

I love turning on my mobile phone, opening the Google Maps app and traveling around the world. Visit those places that fascinate our minds, those places of dreams.

E Let's start our trip to New Zealand, is one of the most picturesque and colorful countries in the world (one might say) but beyond the peaks of mountain ranges, those deep valleys and those imposing glaciers there are a series of caves that seem to have come straight out of a fairy tale.

The caves of Waitomo are home to larval forms of a species of mosquito endemic to the country known locally as” cool titi “which means project on water.

Cool Titi

Cool Titi, Suspended

the bioluminescence that occurs in the abdomen of these insects is designed to attract prey and occurs as a result a chemical reaction between the enzyme luciferase and a small molecule of luciferin.

Creating one of the most impressive visual shows in the natural world, turning it into a magical boat ride through the extensive cavern.

I invite you to see the following link with a guided tour of these beautiful caves, with our friends “Stoked for saturday” you can find it both on YouTube and Instagram.

Used Music, Light Bridges - Dexter Britain.

Referential photos provided from pixabay, free photo gallery.

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