ENG: Always in the neighbourhood

ENG: Always in the neighbourhood

#Whatsapp is a great invention. No need to call or visit for coffee at 9:30 am or even earlier.

It's also amazing how #popular I still am (mostly in times of need).

The neighbour sent me the next message:
It's over and done. 

My wife just threw all her stuff in their frontyard. 

They both didn't dare to come outside, were looking through the window. 

My wife overheard that  that .... tried to poison my food, wants to cut me in pieces me and feed me to the pigs. Sleep tight.

He was clearly upset.
What would you answer?
Mine was: who's pigs.


At times I am very popular

Beloon de maker en jezelf

Word gratis lid.


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i alway use it
| 18:23 |
Me too.. I send + answer when it fits me. Noneed to call or e-mail.
| 18:33 |
thats right
| 18:36 |

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