ENG/MyLife: Dead

Your parent died of #EAA.

 How would you feel if you found out it was a complete different person as you knew? 

That your parent, 

visiting #church,  

reading the #bible, 

Who told you about 

what's good 

what's bad 

was #abusive?  

Your caring parent 

molested people

in a way even worse 

as you can imagine? 

A way the #victims, 


 after 30 years can't forget? 

 No "sorry" 

No regret 

Would you suddenly 


the "little disagreements" 

between your parent and uncle?

Would you have doubts? 

Would you try to find out? 


can you simply let it be? 

Refuse to know, ignore to see? 

Since this parent was good, to you, and it all ment to be? 

Might be... 

you even call it "karma"?

To Bert, Hans and all the others who still suffer

Ontucht plegers

Echte daders, de dochters, gaan vrij uit!

Seksmisdaden door vrouwen zijn blijkbaar niet erg

Ook mannen zijn slachtoffer van vrouwen

Beloon de maker en jezelf

Word gratis lid.