Quote: Let it go

Quote: Let it go

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Start now, 

give up on controlling everything, it's not worth the energy,

being or  getting sick because you can't get what you want.

Easy does it!

An good advise from Me to my Self

Quote: De weg naar genezing

Give up on people you can't change and cause you stress

Quote: All that matter is...

If you can't change the past

#2018 #control #stressless #life #health #me #self


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Loslaten is moeilijk
| 15:48 |
Had ik even nodig, vandaag!
| 09:02 |
Time out of? Je bent ook wel erg druk! Maar super bezig (zei je fan)
| 12:16 |
Dat is goede raad.
| 19:06 |
Well I'll keep that in mind, thanks for this good advice... I know, but really doing that is hard sometimes.
| 11:25 |
I agree with that.. it does take time to let go but it's worth to be yourself. The energy one invests in someone else, one can better invest in "self".
| 11:29 |
Letting go is one of the hardest things to do. You're absolutely right though!
| 11:32 |
And to be yourself is one of the most important things.
| 11:32 |
It is for sure! And one of the most difficult things as well... to stand by yourself
| 11:34 |
Not anymore. Stay yourself and the right ones will stay.
| 12:00 |
LOL yes my children and the inmates LOL
| 12:21 |
en zo is dat !
| 11:08 |
Good advice! I will try:)
| 08:35 |
That's the best you can do for yourself! Try and go with the flow and focus on yourself!
| 11:25 |
| 12:30 |

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