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I woke up because I heard a child singing. It was a Sint Nicolaas song. The voice sounded clear late at night. It knew all the words and I decided to join.

Suddenly my son stood in front of my bed and asked: "Mom will you sing with me? I already put your shoe in front of the chimney."

Yes I wanted, so he jumped on my bed and we both sang all the Sint Nicolaas songs we knew together.

It was a special moment since my son never sang and now suddenly did, although he came to the age there was no need to do so any longer.

"You have a great voice", I told him. "You think so, he asked. 

" Well I do have a hard time to sing the high notes". After that was said he left, turned of the lights and went to bed.

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That's a nice thing to remember.
| 13:42 |
It is for sure
| 14:54 |
Nice, little story, haha!
| 19:27 |
love the writing
| 12:11 |
He never sang... start speaking as he was over 4 years old and now he did... alone
| 13:10 |

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