Stories: Let me tell you a story.

Een inkorte, vrije vertaling vind je onder de afbeelding.

Once upon a time, ages ago, I heard this story, it was told to me.
It was about a hole in the ground, they said, it was meant to be
an escape way for dreamers but in the first place
for the molested once, those who were chased,
by heartless mothers, and evil sisters,
violent fathers, men, disgusting brothers.
The only thing they needed to do
was jump into a certain water well,
driven by fear
to make sure help is near.

And if they dared...
There was no need to worry.
No burned bread in the oven was screaming.
No tree full of apples begging them to
give a hand.
They did not arrive in Woman Holle her land.
It was in Hollow Earth they all end.
A long forgotten place, they said, where all live happily,
the once broken souls in peace and harmony,
finally freed, into eternity.

But... how can that be?
It's true the world came to an end
and it was not eaten by the sun,
but finished by humans who did everything wrong.
Greedy narcissists who hated to be
the world's underdog as I could clearly see.
And I can assure you they never showed up here.
"How do you know this all?", my fellows frequently asked me.
Well, I have been watching it all
for centuries not only from a distance, through a hole
up in the air, from the place where I live,
there where you find life its soul.
It's my home, its me Earth's Hollow!

Laat je ook eens uitdagen bij Yoors.

Laat mij je eens wat vertellen.

Ooit gehoord van Earth's Hollow?
Diep in dearde, ergens midden in
is een groot gat en wie leven daar?
Ze zeggen de dromers, mishandelden,
zij die ontsnappen aan groot leed
zijn daar gelukkig in de wereld die het paradijs heet.

Maar hoe kan dat?
Het is waar de wereld hield op te bestasn
en niet de zon slokte die op en heeft dat gedaan,
maar de hebberige narcisten,
zij die niet de minste wilden zijn.
Ik zag het allemaal toen ik keek door het gat naar boven,
Zij kwamen nooit hier dat kun je gerust geloven.
En hoe ik dat allemaal weet?
Ik ben er die er woont: Earth's Hollow is hoe ik heet.