ENG: Write a prisoner/9 Crocheting class

ENG: Write a prisoner/9 Crocheting class

A good thing about prison is you have plenty of time. Time to think over stuff and time to join all kind of classes.

Many classes are to improve the artistic part of someone.

So many inmates can draw, paint and even turn out to be good at it.

Patrick just wrote me he is planning on taking a crocheting class the next time it's offered so he can learn to make scarves and hats for winter. Like he says: " Seems like an "old woman" thing to do, but I bet I could be good at it. So I'll give it a try."

I wrote back it's good to develop as many skills as possible so he can be as self-sufficient as possible. It might safe him a lot of money in future as well.

Patrick's family still did not visit him (they never did as far as I know). 

As his mom was still alive she sent him some money every month. Now his sister should do so. 

It turned out she isn't really in a hurry to send him anything (sending some money is possible with JPay for example). 

So he is still waiting for some to buy a piece of soap and some food. 

He won't die if he can't buy food himself, but like most prisoners they need some extra to stay as healthy as possible.

ENG: Write a prisoner/8

He wants to be a writer

ENG: Write a prisoner/6

They stop writing after 1 letter

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Good that he keeps trying to learn new stuff .. hopefully he will get some money from family soon..
| 20:51 |
Probably not
| 03:33 |
Difficult for him to see that his sister won't help him ... and getting no visits isn't easy either.
| 12:52 |
At least he still sounds optimistic
| 14:20 |

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