The European football championships have just started and today I want to share with you my first article published on the blog directed by Patrizia Poli @ppoli61  and dedicated to George Best and soon I will talk about other champions of this sport. It is written in Italian but what I mean regardless of language is that these championships together with the next Olympics in Tokyo are a message of planetary brotherhood to put the health emergency behind us. Sport is something that makes people happy and brings them together. It is true it is only a ball that rolls and yet when you play a football match wars stop, people go back to being children and cry or laugh for a goal scored or missed, a good play ignites the imagination and you forget all the bad things that happen in the world is just a ball that rolls and yet people make people happy, football is a sport but it is also an art have you ever seen Pele play? And Maradona? And Totti? And then have you ever seen a goalkeeper fly under the crossbar like a bird to save his own goal? And what about a manager who treats his players like children? And the fans? Oh what beautiful scenes of solidarity! I will come back to talk about football I hope you will follow me, I'll go back to talking about football even with my fantasy matches, do you remember them? Anyone want to take the field with me? I'm waiting for you, fun is guaranteed