Wanting, wishing, dreaming... are you traveling with me? Travel companions welcome.

How come I feel much healthier and more active when I am in #Kenya Am? Is it the weather? It can't be that simple. I think it's my genes. When I get off the plane, I feel it right away: I'm home!

If I am here (in Belgium) on my bike, I think from “actually this is also very nice, cycling through weather and wind, the only thing missing #Kenia = cycling in the fresh wind'. That's the only thing...
Or is it because my head #opgeruimd is when I #reis - What?
There are even books written about it! By a professor, Ap Dijksterhuis.

Am I weird? Why do I always have latent #heimwee - What? Or should I necessarily #reizen - Yes.
The atmosphere is so different, everyone is always cheerful, even though they do not have much.
Everything can be fixed even buying fish without having money on you, and on the beach is a breeze.
Strange example, but really, I just copied from my blog:
This morning, after a glass of mango juice and a handful of almonds, I sneak to the gate to go for a walk on the beach alone.
Are Paul and André standing there: they can't go outside.
So I have to go up again (read 40 uneven steps up"climb”) and to get the key at the night watchman) I had forgotten the gate on
slot to do yesterday, so he did.
We'll be back at 9:00 and Linda's still asleep! We have scored beautiful fish from a fisherman who just came out to the beach. 2 White snappers that weigh 4 kilos together. Dju, no money!! So I solve this Kenyan way: the fisherman flashed, when he comes home I have our pikipiki basket call him, who knows where he is and the men go to pick up the fish. That's how simple it is. Paul comes back wounded: he ran into a roof of mabati when he found a shop
stepped in, lucky he had his hat on and the damage is limited, but we disinfect it for a while

As for the stairs, my daughter says that it is very good for my muscles than one step is 20 cm high and the other 10, there are also 5 pieces that are “transition=flat”... So be careful! #Reisgenoten Searched! Then we share the #huishuur and we can work together #genieten of Kenya.