Dat er in het Arboretum kalmthout ook meerdere waterpartijen zijn, bewijzen deze foto's...

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Play of shapes with kitchen toys
Looking for a fun and easy low budget game? Put the right stuff in the right place. The theme of this game is kitchen/toy material . What do you need? - Piece of old wallpaper - Stift/pen - All kinds of materials from the toy kitchen How to make /play? 1. Get a long piece of old wallpaper 2. Put some heavy on the corners. v. m up curl 3. Divide the objects over the piece of paper 4. Pull the objects with a pen or marker Play: Put all the stuff in a box/basket Let the children put the objects in the right place Game Tip: Duplo: Also vary with, for example, duplo cubes in a color, where they have to put the right color in the right place. You can also use a single or double block. Packaging: Use different boxes (reuse), both small and large Also fun: Use a paper tablecloth and draw on it (plate, cutlery, etc.) where everything should stand and let the kids do this. This game below played a child parent Ineke van der Linde with 2 children 2 and 3 years old. It stimulates to learn to recognize shapes and name the objects and tell them something about them. Below are fun stimulating shapes puzzles in various versions. Click on the photo of your choice and order it in the webshop! Affiliate   More fun inspiration for homemade games and ideas! Diy cold enamel fishing game - Shark bottle game DIY” Crea with kids - Color sorting game making an egg box for toddlers and preschoolers - Making colorful car game for toddlers with educational goals incl. pdf - Animal play toddlers - How do toddlers and preschoolers learn the colors? - Did you know you could learn with Pompoms? - Part 1: Duckling in the rain memory - The 8 best DIY Christmas game tips -   #formplay #gaming #learn #recognizing #gamingen #motoriek #peuters #toddlers #creametkids