If you get in touch, we will give you an immediate quote on your vehicle. If you are looking to get rid of a junk or broken down vehicle, you will have to contact us for a phone quote, we provide junk car removals across the country, take your junk vehicle out of your hands, and pay you cash on the spot for the junk vehicle.

Best of all, we make it easy to sell your junk cars for cash at Pull-A-Part, providing FREE junk car removal, and taking care of all paperwork for you -- no fee for selling your cars at Pull-A-Part. While many scrap yards ask that you take your car yourself to the lot, or they add on a fee to haul it in, CarBrain knows your goal is to earn cash selling your junk car, not to waste it, so we offer free junk car pickup near you all the time.

If you accept our free estimate on yours, Jrop will take your car anywhere from where you live. We offer FREE pickup, so once a quote has been accepted for the car, we can work around your schedule to get there, pay cash for the vehicle, and take it away.

After that, we will arrange to have a tow truck arrive and remove the car in a safe, professional manner. If that is done, then we will set a time for you to come by and take a look at the car. If your vehicle is ready to go - or even if it is not - Extreme Cash For Junk Cars will be there in NO TIME to take it away and make you pay.

If you do choose to sell Jrop your car, we will take it off at no extra cost so that you have no additional trouble. In addition to the Jrop Cash Payment, we also will tow and dispose of your old vehicle for no extra cost. Typically, our offers are 9 times out of 10 times what the previous two options could have offered, and if you take them, we will pay you off and we will tow your car away.

Okay, so with this cleared up, we will verify our offer once we see the vehicle. We might do it on the phone while doing it, and while we are great at our job, we cannot guarantee the quoted price until seeing the vehicle.

You will receive an offer from DamagedCars without pressure to sell to us, and we are available to answer any questions you might have regarding your vehicle. We will pay you the real cash value for your scrap van, truck, SUV, or car. Provide proof of ownership, and DamagedCars will arrange to have your vehicle picked up and the payment delivered to you all at once.

SellMax needs to know the year, make, model, and condition, as well as the location, of your unwanted vehicle. Whatever condition the vehicle is in, SellMax will give you the best possible deal. Our car experts at SellMax of San Antonio will get you the highest offer on your vehicle within moments.

Go online to provide SellMax with a few quick details about your unwanted vehicle, or grab the phone and give us a call. SellMax will ask for details from you, either by phone or online, then will inspect the vehicle in person, leaving you with as much cash as you can get. Whether you are ready to sell or simply curious about your cars worth, give us a call.

There are a lot of junk car buyers out there who will try and cheat you into paying you less money for your scrap vehicle, get a free estimate and call several salvage yards before committing to selling. A salvage yard might offer a smaller cash premium, and getting your damaged vehicle out of your driveway, transportation to them, could be costly, even if you are able to find places to buy junk cars for more money close to you. Another option is going the private route: You may be able to find someone buying junk cars near you that is willing to take your vehicle off your hands so they can work on it, using parts from it, or even for a little bit more.

It is not as though it is the junker that is doing all of the sabotage in the first place, and selling a junk car on the internet could also be a viable option, as having a whole car makes things much easier for junk car buyers in Chicago. Most junk yards will buy scrap cars and pay cash for them at the lot, send out a tow truck to remove your scrap vehicle if it is non-running, get in touch with their customer service department for an offer of cash quickly. Most local junkyards will balk at the idea of paying $500 in cash for any vehicle, as they typically deal only with junk cars, and are not equipped to properly appraise your vehicle.

You are paid in cash at the spot when Jrop comes to take your vehicle, so no waiting around for someone to come out and estimate its value, as is the case with some companies that offer a free junk car removal service, but actually pay nothing until weeks later, after they have had time to check on it for themselves. Our Cash For Car Service takes less than 5 minutes to receive payment...and you are helping the environment, too.

No matter the condition of your car: our professional team takes care of it all, so all you have left is getting paid quickly for your vehicle. Plus, you will not need to drop your car off or drive it anywhere; Junk Car Buyers R-Us representatives will arrive at your door or meet with you at the location of the vehicle for the same-day cash settlement that you call. Before arriving, make sure nothing is blocking our tow trucks from getting access to your unwanted car.

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