Website typography is an often forgotten part of the design. Most of the time we get so wrapped up in everything else, such as information architecture, images, video content, and the latest tech to integrate on the website, we forget about the importance of typography on websites.

So, what is web design typography? And why is it important?

Website Typography: A Thing Of The Past?

Despite all the exciting design elements on a website, it is the texts that will leave a long-lasting effect on the web page visitors. So it is not exactly an unreasonable thing to say that paying attention to the websites with typography design is necessary.

The typography of the website means the style of the font as well as the consistency, readability, size and color, everything. But before you get into the nitty-gritty of typography,  you need to understand exactly why web typography is an important aspect of the web design process.

Typography Helps To Keep Pages Consistent

One of the main things the designers have to keep in mind during the design is to keep up a sense of consistency throughout the website. And common website typography practices can really help with that.

Proper use of typography, such as careful integration of same size texts for headings and body texts, CTAs, keeping the color similar would assist in creating a sense of unity among the pages of the site. This enhances the experience of the users and aids them to sail through the website without being too jarred by the visuals.

Proper Use Can Help With Information Hierarchy

The hierarchy of information on the website is pretty important to keep up with. What information goes on top and what goes on the bottom can be a hard thing to design. And once decided, designers have to devise plans so that the user’s eyes are attracted to the valuable information first, and that’s where knowing how to layout website typography becomes beneficial.

It is already a common practice to use larger fonts as the headlines for the web pages. Added to that designers can also mix and match up bold and italic fonts to highlight the important message in a long line of text. Readability is also an incredibly important thing here. The fonts must always be readable enough to make sense within a minute. There are too many factors to juggle in order to make the web content readable, and that’s why it is a better idea to hire experienced web design services in New York or any other major cities. 

Helps Differentiate Between Messages

The text content on a website varies based on its intent. Some content is meant to be the main attraction of the page, some are meant to act as a guideline throughout the website (imagine menu texts) and then some are simply descriptive texts, such as tags. This differentiation practice is even more important for online shopping and payment websites.  And that’s why it is crucial that eCommerce website design services pay enough attention to the use of typography.

Using the same kind of fonts for every content will confuse the readers. And that’s why designers most of the time pick different styles of texts when it comes to different types of website content. While the main content has a more prominent font style, the navigation and descriptive texts have less prominent fonts and sizes. This is solely to ensure that the user’s eye catches the important information and is not distracted by anything else.

Builds Up A Nice Effect

The typography does contribute to the visual effect of the website.

A website isn’t just a place where the users are going to come and read things, it is an entire experience. And along with images and videos, it also needs the right kind of test style to make it interesting. However, the meaning can change based on the styles of text and design, so it is better to consult any services in website design before choosing the design of the texts.

Proper Use Of Typography Adds Character

Different fonts tell different stories and give out different senses of character. And that’s why depending on the website type, picking the font and typography is an important thing. The font that is perfect for a playschool is not going to be appropriate for a banking website. And the font used for a banking website is not going to be fitting for a travel and living website.

And that’s why it is important to do complete research and look at typography website design inspiration on competitor websites. It is also crucial to consult with designers who have better ideas about what kind of font is needed to completely express the character of the website and the company.

In Conclusion

The concept of typography is old, but it is not irrelevant. The words on the website matter a lot, even though we know the user might not be reading all of it. And in such circumstances, it is a smart idea to choose the typography website design carefully. Don’t hesitate to experiment, but only with enough research to back it up. The website is going to be a visual depiction of not only the services provided by the website but also of the character of the company, and businesses need to nail it. So give typography the focus it needs during the design process.

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