Week 3 - dag 6 - doodlechallenge: Drinken

Drinken we er samen een? 

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Gister ging er iets niet helemaal goed, mijn concept - blog kon ik niet meer terug halen om te plaatsen, hebben jullie daar ook last van?

Vandaag het zelfde verhaal, maar nu heb ik de tijd om weer even een nieuw blog aan te maken, om mijn drankje te plaatsen! Past goed bij het weer in Nederland van de afgelopen week! Anderen zullen misschien lachen, maar wij waren blij met 15 graden en een zonnetje, we liepen met de jas open of met korte mouwen! We aten in de tuin omdat het zo ontzettend warm was!

Een heerlijk zonnig drankje dus vandaag voor de doodlechallenge op Yoors van @Broekie 

Dit keer 1 doodle, en niet zoals ik vaak doe een pagina vol met kleine doodle tekeningen! Doe je ook al mee? Of begin je nu, of volgende week in de vierde week van de challenge? Zo leuk om te doen!

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Camino de esperanza
#nature A path like many others, green, full of sounds between crickets and birdsong and with an aroma that only the countryside can provide, it might seem like one more but it is not, because this is special, it is the path that my feet tread on. road to hope for a better world.  ... Un camino como muchos otros , verde , llenos de sonidos entre grillos y cantos de pájaros y con un aroma que solo el campo puede brindar, pudiera parecer uno más pero no es así , porque este es especial , es el camino que pisa mis pies  el camino hacia la esperanza de un mundo mejor.
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The Pinch
We are cycling, Jan likes to be on the pedals, my tongue is almost on the handlebar, not an ideal position. In the park is a short distance from the path, a work of art: a flathheye wooden structure in the shape of a clothespin. Jan never has an eye for art, I think it's funny, it looks like the pin is holding a mountain of grass and wants to take a closer look at it. But culturally barbarian Jan has no message to this. The underlying distance grows. “Hey, Jan, don't ride so fast! Take a look around you, enjoy nature!' Jan holds in for a moment, looks skitfully to the left. “I don't ride so hard for nothing. You see that giant pincher? Who stands for treachery. The ground is waving, the earth is moving, I'm telling you, something is not fluff!' 'That's just an art object.' “No, it doesn't look like art in the farthest distance. It's a giant pincher, you hear?? The Pinch of a Giant! And you see what it's on?' My heart is pounding, I have aroused his interest, now nonchalance feigning. “On a grassy shedding. What cares that?.' “Don't you feel the earth trembling? It's not an ordinary grass huvel, sure not!' “And, Jan, what do you think it would be??' “A disguised giant. He lies. He sleeps. restless. He sleeps onrustig. It would also make me restless when I lie under the sods of grass.' 'And the pincher who's definitely standing on his nose, 'I hear how ridiculous this sounds, his fantasy has taken a walk with him. “Hahaha, Jan, I think you've contracted a Danian contagion.' “Don't laugh! It is so. The pincher is on his nose.' “And then why?' “To stop the snoring, duh.' “And where do you get that wisdom from?' “Do you hear someone snoring?' 'No.' 'Well then! Facts don't lie. I'm telling you, we have to cycle fast before the giant wakes up.' “And why would the giant wake up?' “Everyone wakes up over time. Only in fairy tales sleeps a few hundred years.' 'There's no pin in there.. But wait, I want to take a picture of it first! You don't see a giant pincher every day.' 'I'll app to the other side of the park. There are also a few silly individuals watching, who can shoot a picture, we are also on.' 'Tight plan!' Jan sends the app and we continue our way. #shortstory