Weird world

Savana runs out of the and turns the door locked. Then she closes the steel door with a padlock. Since the Coronatiy you can't trust anyone anymore, Savana had enrolled in a contest. She was really into it, but when she ran down the stairs, she knew she'd forgotten something. Only she couldn't remember what it was. She arrived at her mailbox in the stairwell of the apartment where she lived.. Opened her mailbox and there were three letters. She put them in her purse that she would read later. Then she feels like she's forgotten something? The door of the stairwell opens slowly, there is a lot of snow. A man steps in and greets her. He says, “Hey, neighbor, how much you didn't forget anything? Savana looks at him amazed and says, “Yes, but how do you know and what? " The neighbor points to his mouthcap, where's your mouthcap? " Savana looks at him and says, “It's a strange world hopefully this will pass!

Fancy to write for so long not being able to do normal.