Welcome to the Science of Baking

10 lessons on the science of the #bakken - Yes. We all enjoy a light and tender muffin, or a damp and mouth-watering slice of cake, but have you ever thought about why the texture and crumb are the way they are, or what is needed to achieve such results?
Welcome to the Science of Baking where you learn the basic skills needed to become a successful home baker. This class uses easy-to-follow steps and detail-oriented photos that will bring any delicious baked well within your reach.
It covers the essential components (fats, sugars, eggs, flour, and oxygen) of baking in great depth, how ingredients interact with each other, and why baking is a science. We will finish this lesson with everything we've learned to make a recipe of your choice: thick and tough chocolate brownies. Whether you are a beginner, whether you want to learn how to make your own recipes, or are interested in the science behind baking, this lesson is for you. You're in for a sweet treat! (text translated into the Microsoft Edge browser)