Welcome to the theatre

Tonight you will see a spectacle of various figures and plumage. From young to old, from slim to a slightly fuller in weight. From blond hair and blue eyes, to brown hair and gray eyes. Man to woman and maybe everything in between.

I propose to you:






Ecetera et cetera.

Just now have disappeared from the scene W.Iebes and A. Sscher. They had lost their way for a long time and now their navigation system has completely left them.

W.Iebes made an informed decision, because of the heavy ballast on his already heavily loaded buggy. It just got too much, too heavy, too cluttered. Unfortunately, it is true.

Mr. A.Sscher was in deep debt, so he had to just be remedied. Pest Of The Apples, a mold stain, a rotten spot. The stage is wiped clean.

L.Eyten asserts itself as a 'witch with hair on the teeth', bit himself together with O.Mtzigt in a sour apple, perhaps to which the Pest is also attached.

The theater today looks different than yesterday, the gray hairs were already visible at R.Utte. S.Chouden has been hiding in the back of the wings for the time being. And K.Laver thinks that the players should all clear the field.

Enjoy the show, because it will be a very unbelievable act of fallen.

I wonder: would T.Rump have been the director in the background?

They are #history