What a difference

Glad last night had been out for a bit of a breath. Well, today a gloomy and fresh day, hopefully the heat will come back soon. Okay, there may be some rain for nature. For now, I wish everyone good night. #zonsondergang
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Decorations with jute rope
Do you like simplicity, natural, sleek and stylish? Then this idea is not new, but it is very nice to do. Just wrap thin jute rope around glass bottles, jars and glasses. Combine with wooden ornaments, feathers and/or natural beads. All you need is a bottle of all slime! I'm sure you have some boring glass bottles, jars or peanut butter cans that can be pimped up a bit? Even ordinary canned cans can be wrapped with rope! Personally, I like colorful, eye-catching and cheerful decorations more. But there are also those who like simplicity and calm colors. That is “of course” also fine! Hence here a decoration that might give you some inspiration. You must have a ball of rope in the house. Do not use too rigid rope (e.g. sisal), because it does not stay well. You can wrap your bottle or jar completely, but it can also, like the examples here, for half. Lubricate the jar with glue and paste the starting net calmly and patiently. Then carefully wrap the rope further around it. Also the end of the string is glued extra and wood it for a while until the end of the string is firmly fixed. The loose ornamental string with the beads is only then wrapped around it. Do you think this is too calm and too natural? Then use colored rope or wool and decorate with cheerful beads and feathers. . jute rope 900 meters jute 500 gr apple green jute rope 500 gr cream . Yoors is a platform for everyone! From now on, look at Yoors here? Please log in with your email address first. That is free and without obligation! Click on login below and enter your email address. That's it! Then log out again, right? Could be!Yoors gives you no advertising and your email address is always private - Login #decoratie #homedeco #jutetouw #decoraties #homedecoration #diy #diydeco #pimpen #decoratie
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WIN - ACTION: Who would you give my manuals to?
Tell me who you would like to give the set of photo cards - What do you have to do to have a chance? Share the Win - action on Facebook Like my page of Elles' Blogs that you'll find Under the facebook message, tag the person you would like to present my set of 14 photo cards! In 2 weeks, 30 May, I will announce the winner! Manual photography NE and EN - set of 14 concise manuals - Read more