What a misery...

I need to get all this straight, what's this world going through?

Just now the woman came home that there is another colleague with corona at home. Another new case in the team, half of which have now had corona and the other half have not yet.

So testing now, too. First my wife goes. If she doesn't have anything, I don't need to be tested. There's nothing wrong with me and no complaints, but that's because I've been home for weeks. Don't go anywhere, can and can't do anything. So nice, this period of waiting again, tension again.

In the meantime, I wonder more and more: how long does that go? #vaccination #vaccinatie still last?

95% protection is still better than nothing seems to me. Besides, I don't think it would hurt to get that vaccination. Every man for himself, of course!

As Diederik Gomers said yesterday:

You are not required, it may only be that you have to be able to submit a negative test if you want to travel.

And that's what most people want: traveling. So then the choice is made easy, would you think, or do you want to pass a test every time before you can travel?

Maybe if you travel once a year you don't worry yourself about passing a test, but yes, if you have to fly monthly or maybe more or less for work? Do you see yourself passing a test every other month, because there's a need to fly again?

Well, everyone for himself, but let that vaccination come soon, I'll have a little less tension...