Open-ended questionnaire items are simple survey inquiries that engage in open text style, allowing the respondent to answer with their clear awareness, emotion, and comprehension. This indicates that the answers to these questions are not confined to a set of alternatives. Unlike with a closed-ended question, which limits survey replies to the alternatives provided, an open-ended change allowed one to go deeply into the participant's reactions, gathering useful information about the situation at hand. The answers to these questions can be used to elicit extensive and comprehensive information about a subject. Let us understand what are open ended questions with the help of examples and type of research which employ this method of data collection.

What is use of open ended questions?
Qualitative research method relies heavily on open-ended inquiries. This methodological approach is largely reliant on open and objective inquiries and replies on a specific subject of conversation, with potential for further exploration by the investigator dependent on the participant's response. Closed-ended questions are commonly used to collect subjective information from respondents in a common situation. When creating surveys, we must frequently determine whether to employ open-ended or closed-ended questions to obtain relevant details. However, we must keep in mind that open-ended and closed-ended inquiries have various advantages and limitations and operate in diverse ways.

Example of Open-Ended Question
Here are a few illustrations of open-ended questions to consider:
•    Interviews open-ended queries: If employed, how do you intend to leverage your existing abilities to boost organisational growth?
•    Consumer open-ended question: Please explain a situation in which our ecommerce store assists you in making day-to-day transactions.
•    Open-ended direct question: Could you kindly describe the back-end JavaScript structure utilised for this website?
•    Open-ended statistical question: What is your age?
•    Open-ended interpersonal / personality question: How do you generally manage with tension and worry?

Characteristics of Open-Ended Question
•    Free response: It allows the reader to express their feelings regarding a service/product/incidence, etc. They are not constrained by alternatives; therefore they are free to provide detailed responses. This is also advantageous for those seeking information since they may learn about the feelings and opinions of their viewers, which is not the case with closed-ended inquiries.
•    Genuine consumer feedback: Respondents may communicate their observations, emotions, and opinions in language that are authentic to their sentiments when they respond to open-text inquiries. They believe they have the ability to criticize themselves completely. Participants can express what's on their thoughts, whether it's to protest about a negative service/product expertise or to applaud someone for exceptional products and service experiences, etc.

Limitations of Open-ended questions

•    Difficulty with analysis: Open-ended inquiries let researchers collect relevant information. As a result, if the goal is to arrange information into graphs and figures, open-ended inquiries are not a smart choice. Open-ended questions are more difficult to evaluate than closed-ended questions. Each responder will have something different to offer, and you will need to filter through each remark and code it in order to evaluate it. The open-text answer is difficult to assess and report on.
•    Collect irrelevant information: Individuals are entitled to discuss themselves through their words. While this will provide you with qualitative research, it may also provide you with useless data. Participants may stray from the topic at hand, providing administrators with too much unnecessary information. Users may wind up collecting data that is useless to the organization.

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What are open ended questions