What are Stock Options? – Expert Review and Tips

Whether you are a pro investor or beginning your journey as a shareholder, it is important to know several finance and investment terminologies. In addition, one of them is stock options.
In general, stock options gives you the permission to be compensated with company shares at a lower price in relevance to the current market price. Usually, the value is pre-set by the employer.

How Do Stock Options Work?

Stock Options are popular and among the most common means of equity compensation. It is the right to purchase a given value of shares at a strike price. The actual ownership of these shares takes a given period once awarded.

Once the period elapses, the options vest and become officially yours. However, that does not mean you receive them free. You will still have to buy them at a price referred to as “exercise”.

Time to Dream Big

As an investment oriented person, you must always dream big. Seasons in seasons out, companies decide to go public. That is when the game of options begin. Once a company goes public, its shares are availed to investors to be bought.

Remember, it is important to keep track of your vesting options all the time. That is when you will when your options mature.

Benefits of Stock Options

Whether you are an employee or a professional trader, stock options or shares come with many advantages. First, employees that are leaving a company or are owed by the company can benefit from these shares as a form of compensation.

As for day-to-day traders, being a beneficiary of stock options allows you to acquire company shares at relevantly low costs. This makes it much easier to close with huge profit margins.

Examples of Stock Options

Just like any other trading shares, stock options have several examples. You need to know the variety available to make it easier to pick your option. Stock options are examples of financial security derivatives. There are several of such derivatives. Some of them include:

  • Mortgage-backed securities
  • Forwards
  • Swaps
  • Futures
  • Puts
  • Calls


Before entering into trading, or in case you are looking for compensation equities, you need to understand stock options in depth. That is why we created this article. So far, if you have read through up to this point, you must have an idea of what these kind of shares are. Kindly keep following for more on similar topics. Ciao.

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