What Are The 7 Deadly Sin

Sin is defined as an offense against moral or religious law. It is also a transgression of God’s law. According to biblical terms, a sin has three main aspects. They include breach of law, violating relationships with people, or acts of rebellion against God. So what are the 7 deadly sins? I will take you through each for a better understanding.

1.    Lust

Lust refers to a longing, especially for sexual desires. This act can lead to fornication, bestiality, adultery, and rape among other sinful acts. Lust can also mean an unbridled desire or power or money. The cure for lust is mainly chastity and self-control. Other counterparts of lust include love and unselfishness.

2.    Gluttony

Gluttony is the act of overconsuming food to the point of wasting it. According to Christians, gluttony is overindulging in food when you should give it to the needy. Committing gluttony comes in different ways like eating too much, eating too daintily, or eating too soon. It also involves eating too expensively and eating too eagerly.

3.    Greed

Greed refers to cupidity, covetousness, and avarice. People with greed have intense desires for material wealth or love. It is similar to gluttony and lust but greed comes from longing irrationally for something you don’t require. Greed sins are shown in different ways like material hoarding, bribery, corruption, theft, and robbery.

Many biblical prophets like Jeremiah, Isaiah, and Nehemiah highly condemned greed. The counterparts of greed include chastity, generosity, and kindness.

4.    Sloth

Sloth refers to the laziness or avoidance of work. Laziness doesn’t come immorality. It comes as a result of avoiding responsibilities. The bible says those people who fail to work should not eat. Sloth can also be in the form of a lack of interest in spiritual growth. You become a sloth when you are no longer using the gifts of the holy spirit. The counterparts of sloths are servanthood, diligence, and perseverance.

5.    Wrath

This is having uncontrolled feelings for hatred, angle or rage. People with wrath have a strong desire for revenge or the drive to harm other people. It is majorly inspired by vengeance. This sin can persevere if the person who brought is long dead. Most cases of wrath run in the family as a result of rivalry or feud. The counterparts of wrath are peace, gentleness, patience, and self-control.

6.    Envy

Envy is the desire for happiness or possession of other people’s talents. People who are envious are sad and do anything to have what other people own. They think they deserve these things and the other person doesn’t. it is because of envy that Cain killed his brother Abel. The counterparts of envy are satisfaction, gratitude, joy, love, and kindness.

7.    Pride

Pride is having too much love for yourself. People who are proud always look forward to succeeding than others. Pride is the main thing that causes the other deadly sins. The counterparts of pride are self-worth humility, meekness, and loving others.


The above are the 7 deadly sins that affect our physical and spiritual growth. The best way you can overcome these sins is to seek Holy Spirit intervention. Everyone is equal in the eyes of the Lord. In reference to Romans 6: 23, God forgives all sins when we pray.

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