When it is raining and sunny at the same time, you are most likely to see a rainbow.  The rainbow consists of a huge color arch that results when sunlight is broken down by water droplets present in the atmosphere. The light from the sun is white and the water droplets break it into seven colors. These colors include the following:

•    Red
•    Orange
•    Yellow
•    Green
•    Blue
•    Indigo
•    Violet

Are there more colors of the rainbow?

For many years, we all believe that there are seven colors of the rainbow. This is might seem to be true if you look at the rainbow at a glance. However, if you observe the rainbow closely, you will notice that there are more than seven colors of the rainbow.

The rainbow does not consist of a pure spectrum. Instead, it contains several individual spectral colors that mix and overlap. The sequence of these colors runs from red, which is the strongest wavelength of around 780nm to violet which is the shortest wavelength of about 380 nm.

The seven colors only help us remember the order of the rainbow colors that you can recognize. You should know that there are many other colors of the rainbow which you cannot distinguish with your naked eyes.

Tips to remember the colors of the rainbow

I’m sure we all had a way of remembering the colors of the rainbow right from an early age. There is a common simple phrase that we all used to help us remember the order of the rainbow colors. The mnemonic is Richard Of York gave Battle In Vain. However, you can still come up with a relevant phrase that can help you remember these colors.


Growing up, watching the rainbow colors was one of my favorite activities. I also enjoyed experiencing the sun and the rain at the same time. We have always known that there are seven colors of the rainbow. However, there are many other colors that you cannot distinguish with your own eyes. You only see the part of the sun’s radiation that is visible. But many other parts are not visible to human eyes.

Who discovered the rainbow?

I’m sure this is something you would love to know. In 350 BC, a Greek philosopher called Aristotle began musing about the colors of the rainbow. A Roman philosopher picked his ideas and explained them in this book around 65BC.

For many years, philosophers and thinkers researched the rainbow effects by checking its appearance in the sky and other situations too. In all these elements, water vapor and sunlight were two essential characteristics of the color. Later on, Isaac Newton proved that light has many color spectrums. His work combined with others gave a final explanation of how the rainbow is formed.

They also examined the rainbow color sequence never changed and they come in the same order. They came up with the idea that there are seven colors of the rainbow in different spectrums red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.

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What Are the Colors of the Rainbow?