What Are The Tasks Of A Notary Public In Kamloops?

Well, the term notary is not new for anyone here. Notaries are public officials who can serve as a witness in signing of many important documents. A notary public in Kamloops or notary has been given an official identity and he or she is appointed by the government to serve the public as an impartial witness whenever important documents are signed. Most of the banks and credit unions have notary public for customers when they need their documents notarized.

The duties of a notary public in Kamloops

Notary public is an official witness of the state and they are helpful in fraud prevention. When a document comes to them for attestation, they are responsible to check all the details before punching their stamp and notarize it. The notary public witness the signing of all the documents or they even administer oaths. At the end, they ensure that all the participants are willing and all the tasks are carried out properly. Notaries can work at the state level where they are appointed. Some of their duties are:

*To maintain proper records of all the activities mandated by their respective state.

*To administer oaths and present the parties before the court when there is a time to sworn in.

*Take deposits and affidavits, if they have that specifically.

*Performing marriage ceremonies where they are permitted to do so.

Do they work for banks?

Many banks or credit unions have appointed their staff as notary public so that their customers find it easy to get their documents notarized. The bank clients can use the notary services for free and the non-clients will be charged a fee for the same.

When can someone need a notary?

Different states have different sets of rules about the kind of activities or transactions that must be notarized. And some states may also recommend it but they shall not require notary for certain things. Notarizations are a common part of business in local government and any kind of legal proceedings. Notary is required whenever a document is to be attested and an official has to sworn in. For example, you may need a notary when you want to handover your power of attorney to someone in your will.

The process of notarization

When you reach out to your notary public in Kamloops, here is what you must expect:

*Both the parties involved in the process must be present.

*The document will be reviewed thoroughly so that the notary public is sure about it. Later the same is notarized as per the state norms.

*The notary identifies the signees and take forward the notarization process.

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