Movie or film is a kind of visual communication framework. It is a mixture of moving pictures and sound in a way to tell stories or teach people something. People see movies as entertainment. A film that makes them laugh while for others it may mean films that make them emotionally relaxed.

An overview

The purpose of making most films is to take them from the theaters to every door, so that people can be entertained and the film industry is eager to make films on new subjects along with income. Movies are shown in cinemas for a limited period of time which may be for a few weeks or months. In addition they can be marketed through many other media. Movies are shown on television or cable television. You can enjoy movies at home by buying or renting movies. You can also take advantage of the facility to download or stream movies.

The roll of camera and music

A movie camera and video camera can typically take 24 or 25 pictures or frames every second. When a movie projector, a computer, or a television shows pictures at that rate, it appears that the things shown in the set of pictures are actually moving. Although it is usually an early form of film, the sound is either recorded at the same time or added later. The sound in film is the sound of people talking which is called dialogue. The background music and music of films is called soundtrack. Sound affects the acoustic movements in the film.

How to make movie?

Screenwriters write a script whose dialogues are associated with the story of the film. Those dialogues and stories will be told and done by the actor. Actors and directors get information about the film by reading the script. Actors understand everything related to the film by reading the script and then act as directed by the director. During this, the cameraman's job is to take their motion pictures with the motion picture camera.

The producer job

The producer's job is to choose people to work on the film and get the money needed to pay for the actors and equipment. Producers usually borrow money from banks or get money from investors for film production.  Some producers work for film studios while other producers work independently.

What after completing a film?

After filming is finished the editor puts the moving pictures together. These pictures tell a story which has a definite time frame. Audio engineers and sound engineers record music and vocals by combining them with moving pictures. When the film is complete, several copies of the films are made by Movie Lab and put on the reels. These reels are sent to theatres. In cinemas a very bright light is shone by the projector and people sitting in dark rooms watch it on the big screen.


Many films made in the film industry do not earn, but some films earn millions of dollars, euros, pounds, rupees. Movies have become a big part of the economy in India, which is increasing year after year.  Now the cinema world is reaching out to the people through web series, short films and streaming. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar and many other organizations have shown their inclination towards this. The industry has always been dominated by some major film studios like MGM/UA, Warner Bros., Columbia, Lucas Films, Paramount, Disney, Marvel, DC etc.

What are the things to know about movie?