What are the types of Lawn Mower?

It is observed that the grassy patches, gardens, grasslands, and lawns near home or residential areas grow so tall and dense it requires to be trimmed or cut most often and need a certain amount of looking after and maintenance. Thanks to the gardening tools and widespread technological gardening machines that help to cop overgrown grasses, scrubs, weeds and maintain the lawn regularly.

A lawnmower is also known as a grass cutter or mower is a machine that is used to cut and trim the grass on the lawn. It is a machine that shaves the grass on the surface with its swift and high-speed rotating blades. For decades, the sharp scythe was used to cut the grass of fields and pastures. It is not only a slow procedure but also exhausting. This manual cutting is not effective and also time-consuming. Scythes only worked fine if only the grass is moisture. Edwin Beard Budding was the person who was behind the invention of this grass cutting machine in the year 1830. Budding's mower was primarily designed to cut the grass stadiums and large gardens which were granted British patent in the year 1830. It was used as a replacement for the scythe.

Types of Lawn Mowers:

•    Cylinder Mower: As the name implies, it has cylindrical blades which should be three or more in numbers. It is ideal for flat lawns and is available in petrol-powered, electric, and push mowers.

•    Rotary Mower: The most versatile type of mower used for cutting all types of grass which are especially longer and rougher. It is available in rechargeable batteries, petrol engines, etc.

•    Hover Mower: It is not the ideal mower for extensive gardens. It is cheaper and perfect for small gardens.

•    Electric Lawn Mower: It is budget-friendly, small in size, and easy to storage. It works when it is connected to mains electricity. It needs a cable for connection.

•    Cordless Lawn Mower: It runs on battery and as the name says it does not need a cable to function. But it is expensive.

•    Petrol-powered Lawn Mower: People having large gardens prefer petrol-powered lawnmowers as the main cable would be unsuitable. They are more powerful and faster but they are somewhat expensive. They are also easy to control.

Who does not prefer a lush, leafy greens, and well-manicured lawn? A properly trimmed garden is a treat to sore eyes. So why not have a quality lawn mower for your garden according to the size of the grass as well as the garden. A mower is considered the most important gardening tool which one can possess. So what are you waiting for? Go and buy a suitable one for your garden.


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