Are you a regular reader? Do you find fun reading novels, guidebooks, magazines and so on? Well, I am a staunch book-reading lover. Reading great publications is responsible for my command in English today. It is also a great hobby; one that keeps me busy during my free time, travels, holidays and so on.

Anyway, have you ever asked yourself what determines the type of book to read? If you have not, allow me to enlighten you. First, there are several book genres, types, designs and so on. Most people go for the book that satisfy their needs. This could be entertainment, education, culture, and so much more.

Reading has always been a great way to pass time as well as cultivate your mind. Whether you are a binge reader or you love taking it a page a day, you stand a chance to benefit a lot from the culture.

Top Books from World’s Best Authors

There are several authors and creatives worldwide, therefore, the list of books and titles to choose from can be endless. Meaning, you can always find the right book worth your time and quench your thirst. However, the long list of books to choose from can also come with a challenge.

For instance, you might be caught in between several books. The dilemma can slow your reading habit down. In this article, we are going to mention and review a few book titles and authors worth reading from this year. Some of the must-read books this year include:

All About Love - Bell Hooks
Geek Love - Katherine Dunn
Infinite Jest - David Foster Wallace
Lolita - Vladimir Nabokov

Different Book Genres

There are several book genres and titles to choose from as a reader today. These are terms of topics and subjects that each book is written on the basis. Personally, I am fond of crime stories, a little fiction does no harm and most importantly, espionage-based spy stories. Besides, I love character development and career building books. Other popular book genres include:

  • Fiction
  •  Nonfiction
  • Action & adventure    
  • History    
  • Autobiography
  • Anthology    
  • Biography
  • Business/economics

Benefits of Reading a Book

As I’ve always mentioned in my previous writings, reading comes with many benefits. Some of these advantages include psychological, educative and entertainment benefits. Regular book reading is revolutionary. Reading will keep your mind nourished and make you informed.

The Emergence of eBooks

After decades of sculpture and print, the book industry kept evolving. The introduction of electronic books was one of the greatest turning points in the world of publication. eBooks allow readers to access all sorts of books right from their gadgets. This has proven to be very convenient.


Overall, creating a reading habit requires one to be aware of their favorite genres and titles. Once you figure out what keeps you hooked to a book, it will be much easier to keep up with regular reading. That is why we saw it important to point out a few titles to read this year. Read this article to find a full list of 25 books you should read before you die.

What Books to Read This Year?