What can you do if you have to sit at home

I'm sure no one has escaped the fact that Corona is getting more and more people. So we see now that a lot is being shut down and you don't have to go to work or school but what are you going to do now? Well, I have some tips for you.

1. Sure go is something to do at Yoors. 2. Clean up your wardrobe when you can go outside and everything is open again you can go shopping! 3. Go learn how to bake cakes, who knows you'll make money with them. 4. Read books, if you have these, because the library is closed. 6. For the smallest of us make a few nice drawings and drop them off at an older center they'll love this. 7. go a stranger learn language, do you still do something useful. 8. A walk miss? 9. Make a bucket list for what you want to do when everything is open again. Can you look forward to that! 10. Look is that series you wanted to start but didn't have time for and probably now it's time for! 11. Just try some with your hair who knows, something will work out. 12. Not yet birthday look online for things you would like. 13. Great cleaning? It is otherwise just nice weather for this. 14. Make your garden or balcony spring/summer trial. 15. Learn to knit why not? 16. Call your aunt uncle or grandpa and grandmother is on who probably don't have much to do and like to hear you. 17. Practice things you find difficult at school. If you're at school then HAHA. 18. go nosing around on Pinterest you can find very nice things you can make or do. 19. just sit lazy on the couch and watch a movie. 20. especially for the youngsters among us take time to play is enough time for it!

These are a little bit of the tips I have, I hope it's helpful to you. I would like to hear more tips if you have these!

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